The letter to my Muslim friend

Dear my friend, Sherif-san,

I can see your update of social medias in these days. I hope that you will defeat COVID-19 and keep your health.

I have some memories about you. I remember that we worked together on our difficult project. We had lunch every day. There were no halal foods so you ate fried potatoes and shrimps every lunch. I was sorry for not telling you about the various delicious foods of Hokkaido. We talked about our children, they liked hamburgers from McDonalds in the same way, and waited for our Christmas presents from Santa Claus in the same way. We have many differences – culture, region and languages ​​- however we are the same human beings, we have the same love for our families.

I remember that you were so glad to see the snow for the first time and said “everything is white!” Next day, the blizzard day, the snow made you the white snow man completely. You had only the thin coat, so I lent you the thick coat and made you safe. I remember that we had the achievement of our project and we were glad together. I remember so many, many things. I regret that I didn’t take care of your trip enough.

So, I make this web site. I hope that your friends and children, of course you again, will make happy memories when they come to Hokkaido, someday.

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