High quality 3 hotels in Sapporo, Hokkaido

I recommend you the high quality hotels in Sapporo area of Hokkaido with my stay experience – don’t miss it!

Sapporo Grand hotel – the local people consider that Sapporo grand hotel is No.1 – because VIP like Japanese Emperor and the royal family stay here. Sapporo grand hotel is very convenient access so 5 minutes by walk from Sapporo station. If you go there in Winter, the direct underpass is available so when you have big luggages, No tired there! https://grand1934.com/

Sapporo Park Hotel – second option in Sapporo is Sapporo Park Hotel. This hotel is historical and quite good hotel. So many wedding celemony is opened. Park hotel is nearby Nakajima-kouen park, this park is not so big however very beautiful in four seasons. You can see the other faces at each seasons! https://park1964.com/

JR Tower Nikko Sapporo – JR Tower is the symbolic building in central Sapporo and the highest one. This hotel is from 23rd to 34th floor so you can see all of Sapporo city at your room! This hotel has so close to Sapporo JR Station, direct access, only one minutes! Sapporo JR station and its building has so many restaurants. You can eat all Hokkaido taste! https://www.jrhotels.co.jp/tower/

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