How to reach Hokkaido from Dubai with 1 transition (August 2022 updated)

There only two ways to reach Japan directly by Emirates airways. There are no ways to reach Hokkaido directory – so you should transit once at Tokyo Narita Airport or Kansai International airport.
If you want a short trip for touching Japanese historical culture like Kyoto or Osaka city, Kansai airport should be better. If you want to see Tokyo – there are so many powerful thing, animation store, Olympic legacy, and some historical and cultural one, Narita airport will be better. These two airports are little far from Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto. So I recommnend to stay one or two night there and enjoy your short trip before (or after) Hokkaido.

Narita and Kansai international airport has a few local airlines. So, regarding flight information, you will be recommend to transit another airport name.

Haneda is the largest local airport of Tokyo, it is far from almost 4 hours from Narita. I don’t recommend to transit Narita to Haneda. Itami or Kobe airport are neaest from Kansai international airport. Itami airport is far from Kansai almost 1 hour by bus. Kobe is almost 2 hours by bus and railways. I say again, I don’t recommend these transition because there are too complex to transit smoothly. Sometimes I lost my way in Kansai. You remember, the local Japanese tourist lost its way!

So, I highly recommend one night stay at Narita or Kansai with one transition if you are not a tough guy – you may be with a child or old man. Please enjoy Japanese foods and have a good night, be healthy and enjoy Hokkaido!

Departure from Dubai

departuredestination airportarrival to Japannearest transition
(almost over 2 hours)
arrival to Chitose airport, Hokkaido
2:40 AM by EmiratesNarita (Tokyo)17:3520:10 by Peach Aviation22:00
3:00 AM by EmiratesKansai international (Osaka, Kyoto)17:1519:20 by All Nippon Airways21:15

When you reach Chitose airport at Hokkaido, you have some ways;

  • Go to Sapporo : you should select the railway or bus. I recommend the railway, “KAISOKU AIRPORT” bullet train by 37 minutes to Sapporo.
  • Go to Niseko, etc. : there are so many direct bus to these resort town. You should check the accommodation website. There are so many information to access there.

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