Review: “GaPaOu”, nice Thai food restaurant with halal meat, near by Sapporo Station and Hokkaido Univercity

”GaPaOu”, Thai food restaurant neat by Sapporo station, serves us quite good meal. This restaurant is not complete Halal, however owner said that this is Halal meat and muslim friendly.

Lunch menu is good price, so many business people and univercity students come here and enjoy their lunch. At the near by Sapporostation, there are many curry shops with halal and vegetalian menu. If you bored the curry taste, please try Thai taste here.

My recommend is “Gapao Rice”. It is not spicy menu so children can eat this one. If you want spicy one, “Green curry” is quite good. Japanese people feel it very spicy hot, but not so hot for other country people. Try it!

How to access

About 350 meters from JR Sapporo Station. Go ahead to North from JR Sapporo, Please find Kita 8 Nishi 6 crossroad.

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