Review: “NONO”, Chanpon ramen noodle, loved by the international students of Hokkaido univercity

“NONO”, Champon ramen noodle restaurant is quite good. It is near by Hokkaido Univercity that has so many international Muslim student. So, this restaurant takes care of them. At the entrance, there are the warm message from this shop.

NONO’s Chanpon noodle is made by Hokkaido Chicken soup stock only. If you cannot eat the pork, you feel ease to eat our Chanpon noodle.


You can see “No Pork” messages on the menu like this.

“No Pork” message

NONO’s champon type is a few because this is “Chanpon noodle restaurant”. Unfortunately, I cannot find English menu there. So, you should order “Noukou Sapporo Chanpon”, 800 YEN. If you need more vegetables, “Noukou Sapporo Chanpon Yasai mashi”, 950 YEN.


Quite good ramen soup with noodle, and vegetables. Bon appetit!

NONO’s Chanpon noodle

Sapporo Chanpon “NONO”

16-1, Kita 8 Nishi 4, Kita-ku, Sapporo

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